After 6 years of empowering and supporting women to hit the trails, Trailhead Running and the Women on the Trails race series is closing down on April 30, 2018.

We have been lucky enough to share our passion with over 1,500 women both on and off the trails. Now it’s time for each of you to pass it forward and continue to inspire and support those around you. As always, you’ll never be lost, you’ll always be with us!

We encourage you to visit an Austin women's trail running group created by one of our co-founders.



About Trailhead Running

Founded in 2012, Trailhead Running was an idea borne out of our desire to introduce women to all the wonderful things about trail running.

We are Richelle Criswell and Susan Farago, co-owners of Trailhead Running. We have extensive backgrounds in all things sports. Since 1998 our combined experiences include: coaching groups and one-on-one clients, event coordination, race directing, sports media coverage and reporting, writing fitness articles for local and national publications, and informational/ motivational speaking engagements. We are passionate about what we do and have a strong desire to share our skills and knowledge with a "come join us!" attitude.

Check out our bios below.

Meet the Team

We love the trails. We love encouraging women to run on trails. Yay trails!!


Richelle Criswell

Co-Founder, Coach

Richelle is competitive by nature but also has a heart for those who are new to any type of athletic endeavor. Richelle participated in team sports at an early age and after college she has continued to challenge herself. Richelle is an endurance athlete who has completed triathlons (including Ironman distance), cycling events (Seattle to Portland Ride), trail races (ultra-marathons), and marathons. To date, one of her proudest accomplishments is finishing the Palo Duro 50-Mile trail run. Although she takes her training seriously, always remembering to "respect the distance", she also knows that you have to have a sense of humor and not take yourself too seriously. Her trail running motto: "I'm not lost, I'm with you!"

Favorite Trails: Barton Creek Greenbelt - Sweet 16 (Texas) and Lumpy Ridge, Estes Park, CO (California).

"Never be afraid to try something different or out of your comfort zone. The trails may seem daunting, but once you get on the trail and experience the feeling of being surrounding by nature instead of concrete and cars, you'll be happy you chose get off the road and onto the trail."


Susan Farago

Co-Founder, Coach

Susan has over 20 years coaching experience and has worked with people of all ages and abilities in a wide variety of sports. She has earned certifications in triathlon (USAT L1), cycling (USAC L2), sports nutrition (NFPT), and has a master's degree in education (MEd) with a focus on adult learning and motivation. She enjoys helping others achieve their fitness goals and making complex tasks seem easy. Susan is also a multisport and ultra endurance athlete and has competed worldwide in many trail races (5K-100 mile), cross-country cycling races, and various distance triathlons, including qualifying for and racing Ironman Hawaii. Her motto: work hard, enjoy success, learn from challenges, and laugh a LOT!

Favorite Trails: Slaughter Creek and Wild Basin (Texas), Afton Alps (Minnesota), and Marin Headlands (California).

"To me, trail running is one of the best activities because it's extremely engaging; an hour on the trail goes by in the blink of an eye. Some of my most amazing and fun times have been trail running with friends!"